The Magick Circle and Altar

How to make a magick circle and altar:

Magick circles and altars have been used since the beginning of time .The were widely used by the ancient Babylonians. Most pagan rituals take place in a circle, outside, under the moon.  One can simply look to Stonehenge from proof of this.  Today the circles have taken on more of a personal shape, often times they are quickly put together and dismantled, perhaps a practice used at a time in history when being a witch or pagan would lead to death.

Today’s’ magick circles perform two functions, they function as a sort of protection against evil or harmful energy and also create a sacred space for one to commune with their god or goddess.

The magick circle is put together using one’s own energy ti create this sacred space.  It is essential for many spells, especially love spells.   It is a sphere of energy that surrounds the caster on all sides, protecting them from harm and creating a sacred place for the rituals to take place.


To help visualize, mark out a circle on the ground, it doesn’t need to be huge, should should provide you with enough room to move around in.  I suggest using a long rope or extension cord to mark the area, if you are outside you can draw a line in the dirt or use chalk if you have some. You can also use other items to make the circle.  When creating my magick circle for love spells I prefer to lay flower petals around the edge (I have a bag of dried ones I just pick back up when I’m done). You can use rocks, crystals, anything really.  Try to find something you have a personal connection with or like.

Mark the four cardinal point with candles – Brown = North, Yellow = East, Red = South and Blue = West. Place the pentacle and a bowl of salt at the north(Earth).  Place your incense at the East (Air), a red candle or lamp in the South (fire) and a bowl of water in the West (Water).


Your altar is placed in the middle, facing north.  This can be anything you want, from a highly decorated table to a simple piece of cloth. Make sure you have enough room to freely move around your altar.

On the left side of the altar you place your Goddess tools -a cup, a pentacle, bell, crystal or wand and the cauldron.  Also place a green, silver, or white candle here.

On the right side you place your God tools – the censer, athame (black handled knife) and bolline (white handled knife).

Make sure you have all of your ingredients on or by the altar if you intend to cast.  You can also place a cup of water as an offering to replenish lost energy while casting.


That’s it for creating your own personal circle and altar!