Magickal Tools

Magickal Tools


There are a variety of different tools used in casting spells.  Basically, magickal tools are anything used during a ritual or while casting spells.  Any object that you charge with energy is a magickal tool.  Take for instance a love amulet you have created following the steps we gave.  This amulet is now a magical tool, it is charged with the energy from your spell and is doing magickal work.


Once an item has been charged or you have decided to use it for a magickal purpose it SHOULD NOT be used for anything else.  If you have created a poppet to help a sick family member you shouldn’t let your children, or anyone else for that matter, play with it.  It is not a dog toy or plaything, it is a tool you have created for a magickal purpose, and should be treated as such.


Once you have used a tool it holds your energy and focus.  If you used herbs in a spell you should not use the same herbs to cook with (unless that’s what the spell calls for). If you have performed candle magic don’t use the candle at your dinner table unless that is what the spell was intended for.  I can keep going with more examples, but I hope you get the point here.


Where to Store My Magickal Tools


I keep all of my magickal tools – candles, herbs, oils, poppets, everything – in an old chest I got at a yard sale years ago.  It isn’t necessary to buy some expensive, ornate thing to store your tools in, even a cardboard box is fine, but you need to make sure it is safe.  Herbs and oils can be toxic, you don’t want a child or pet to get into them.  Your tools will also take in the energy of people that touch them, so you want to keep them free from prying hands.


How to care for my tools

Your tools should be cleaned every time you put them away.  They are magickal and essential for your spell casting, treat them as such.  When you go to use your tools again they should be cleansed when you bring them out.  This ensure that any unwanted energy is removed before you begin your spell casting.



Magickal tools are not to be confused with ritual tools, but should be treated with the same respect.


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