Love Amulet

Here is how you can create your very own love amulet that you can carry with you to do it’s magick and bring love into your life. I recommend using an Agate stone, as the amulet will also provide protection. You can also use Amethyst. If you have been hurt by lovers in the past I would recommend using Rose quartz for your amulet, the emotional healing properties of the rose quartz will aid in opening your heart up to love again.

Creating The Love Amulet

Step 1: Cleanse the crystal in saltwater or holy water. After the crystal has been cleansed, charge it under the light of a full moon. If it is not time for a full moon and you cannot wait, simply tap or rub the crystal after cleansing to stir up it’s energy.

Step 2: Set-up your magick circle and altar (if you do not know how to do this you can find the information under “spell casting terms”)

Step 3: Create a Cone of Power – this has a very stong name, but in reality is very easy to create. Once you are safely inside your magick circle concentrate on your goal. State you intent outload and chant or sway. While you are doing this imagine the energy you are creating building up inside of you, see your intent manifesting in your mind. As the energy grows stronger your actions should increase in intensity. When the energy is at it’s peak focus it into a “cone” with the tip at the crystal and the wide end coming out of you.

Step 4: Now that your intent and Cone of Power is focused on the love amulet say the following -

“Air, Water, Earth, Fire
Hear my words, see my desire.
Charge this crystal to aid me.
When words are done, so mote it be.”

See you cone transferring all of the power into the love amulet while you say the magick words. When you speak the last line all of the energy should be place into the love amulet.

I’ve charged my Love Amulet, now what?

The spell is done once the amulet is charged. You can tie it to a string and wear around your neck or simply just keep the amulet with you in your pocket or even give it to someone else. The important thing is that the amulet stay with you when possible. It’s magick will not work if you just leave it laying around or locked up in a box.