Crystals and their meaning in magick

Crystals and their meaning in magick


Stones and crystals are especially important to spell casters.  Individual stones and crystals all have their own energy and can be used to enhance your magick.  Clear quartz, for example, intensifies energy, both positive and negative and can be used to power a spell.  The first step that you must take when getting a new stone is to cleanse charge it.  This is typically done by using saltwater, seawater, or holy water.  To charge the stone or crystal you must take it and hold in the light of a full Moon.  The Moon will finish the cleansing and charge the stone.  If you cannot wait for the full Moon you can simply tap on your crystal when you are finished cleansing to begin the charge.


Below you will find a large list of commonly used crystals and stones and their magickal properties -


Agate- strength, love, protection, courage.


Alexandrite – joy, luck, love, spiritual transformation.


Amazonite – Joy, self expression, success.


Amber -changes the negative energy into positive energy; protection


Amethyst -happiness, love, peace, courage, healing addictions, psychic energy.


Apache’s tear -protection, luck.


Aquamarine -courage, purification, peace, psychic awareness, self expression.


Azurite- psychic energy, dreams, healing, concentration, and transformation.


Beryl – energy, love, healing, psychic awareness, protection.


Bloodstone – courage, strength, stops bleeding, victory, wealth, self competence, business success.


Calcite – centering, grounding, money, helps with the fears, purification, peace.


Chrysoprase – prosperity, luck, happiness, healing protection, friendship.


Citrine – Sexual energy, protects from nightmares, creativity, protection.


Clear Quartz – Strengthens both positive and negative energy.


Coral – Protection from evil.


Diamond – Strength, healing, protection, courage.


Emerald – Wealth, meditation, love, balance, peace.


Garnet – Healing, protection, purification, compassion, energy.


Geodes – Childbirth, fertility, dreams, astral travel, freedom.


Jade – Healing, protection, wisdom, long life, courage, prosperity.


Lapis lazuli – Joy, love, courage, protection, beauty.


Lodestone- Used to cleanse and balance crystals.


Malachite – Success, power, energy, love, peace, protection.


Marble – meditation, dreams, protection.


Moldavite – Balance.


Moonstone – Grounding, sleep, protection, youth, peace, magick.


Obsidian – Grounding, protection, removes negativity.


Onyx – Emotional balance, discipline, strength, protection.


Opal – Beauty, luck, wealth, balance.


Pearl – Truth, peace.


Peridot – Protection, sleep, health.


Rhodonite – Peace, clarity, confidence.


Rose quartz – Love, happiness, healing.


Ruby – Courage, wealth, integrity, joy.


Sapphire – Love, inspiration, peace, healing, power.


Smokey quartz – Healing, absorbs energy.


Tiger’s eye – Courage, wealth, protection, luck, honesty.


Topaz – Protection, healing, weight loss, love, creativity.


Tourmaline – Friendship, love, business, peace, energy, courage, protection.


Turquoise – Courage, luck, wealth, healing, friendship, happiness, balance.


Zircon – Protection, love, attractiveness, sexual energy, healing, balance.